Bus Bonanza

LCT Magazine
Posted on November 19, 2008
BENEFITS OF BUSING: Charter and tour bus rides have been increasing in this country and should continue to do so next year, according to a report released by the American Bus Association. Why is the industry's revenue growing even though economic conditions are poor? Part of the customer demand this year came from high fuel prices and concern over green issues. Yet even with declining gas prices, things continue to look good for the industry. The report cites a Travel Industry Association study showing that 41 million Americans chose not to take airline flights over a recent 12-month period simply because of expected hassles associated with flying; consumers want to have transportation options. And nightmare gridlock in many highly trafficked corridors, particularly in the Northeast and on the West Coast, created an opportunity for motorcoaches. All of this is good news for operators who are building up their bus fleets.

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