Fuel Surcharges: What's Next?

LCT Magazine
Posted on November 18, 2008
TOUGH CALL: An event planner in San Diego asked me the other day why operator fuel surcharges haven't dropped recently along with gas prices. I didn't know the answer. A TV news story from Bakersfield, Calif., made me think of this incident once again - Vintage Limousine told the reporter they're spending less on gasoline but fuel surcharges will remain the same and the company will offer customers discount specials. Experts in the fuel business expect oil prices to go back up again, but for now, they're in a downward slide. So, the question remains: What to do about your customer fuel surcharges? -- J.L.

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  • Eli Darland

     | about 11 years ago

    Using the FedEx or UPS formula based on your local filling station price can help standardize fuel surcharges for your area in a way that the average person can understand (and research). The charts and systems for implementing them can be found on the company's respective websites.

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