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Posted on November 17, 2008

Dear Friends,

This letter is written on behalf of  Ford, Cadillac, Chrysler and its other dealers who support the limousine Industry.

As you know, the auto industry is in a position that all of us never thought could be possible. It’s an unfortunate situation that puts our livelihood, as well as other industries connected to the car industry, in jeopardy.

I write this letter to ask for your assistance to help us during this trying time.

Ford, Cadillac, and Chrysler, as well as their dealers, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support your industry through sponsorships and exhibiting at the national and local limousine shows, as well as advertising in the trade publications. Without some sort of assistance or solution to the issues, in the near future our industry may not be there too for yours.

Fortunately, the limousine industry has always been a loyal supporter of the American car companies. I take pride in the fact that the livery operators of the United States "bleed Red White & Blue" when it comes to the vehicles that are used daily to service your clients.

That’s why I feel that in our time of need, your industry will step up to the plate to help us.

Please forward the link www.gmfactsandfiction.com to others so that we can garner support from our elected officials. The link is one that GM has created, but it applies to all in our industry. 

The constant “Government Bailouts” are a sore subject for American taxpayers. This is an unpopular subject and by you supporting us, may open the door to receive negative feedback. We hope that you can look past that possibility to see the bigger picture.

Thank you for reading this letter, I hope that you can help.

David C Bastian Jr.
Commercial Sales Manager
Towne Auto Group

[email protected]

(800) 730-3683

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  • Steven Groves

     | about 11 years ago

    I am having real trouble deciding how the American taxpayer should go on this one. In no way do I wish my fellow countrymen hardship, but likewise I am not entirely convinced that the entreprenurial, free market system our country is founded on does not warrant one or two falures of this magnitude to help correct the excesses that preceeded it.

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