Traveling For Business? Not So Fast

LCT Magazine
Posted on November 14, 2008

OUTLOOK: Corporate business travel is taking a big hit, with companies looking to save money any which way. See MSNBC Report. We would caution against overzealous corporate travel cuts. Three points to consider:

1) Face to face meetings are more productive than teleconferences: Notice how everyone e-mails, instant messages, and surfs the Net while teleconferencing? People pay attention more when there's face time. It's harder to plug in elsewhere when seated around a conference table with everyone watching.

2) Also, we are horrified at how some companies are asking employees to double up in rooms. This is an outrage. If you, as a company owner, can't afford two hotel rooms, then dont send two people. Professional business travel is not a high school band road trip with everyone bunking in everyone else's rooms. Employees should collectively refuse the "bunk up" mentality. What cheapskates. However, we at LCT have no gripe with corporate travelers "bunking up" for limousine and livery ground transportation. No sense in two people riding in two separate Town Cars. Two or more people in a black luxury vehicle also renders that vehicle very green, indeed.

3) Getting on the road for conferences, trade shows, and meetings actually can be a mental break for employees and managers; something about a new environment that fuels creativity and motivation. Of course, the hotel room needs to be comfortable (Courtyard, Hampton Inn at least), and the ground transportation should be chauffeured. We insist. -- M.R. 

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