Protecting Your Business Name

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Posted on November 11, 2008

NAME BRANDING: Building an effective company brand name is not easy. There are legal issues involved in trademark laws and corporate identity practices, and there are practical issues in establishing an effective, well remembered name. In chauffeured transportation, there are a lot of locally known company names that are sometimes identical or close to other operators in another part of the country. This can be a real problem when a competitor has that company name trademarked and wants to protect its company name in court. A less legally troubling problem is changing your company name inconsistently and confusing your customers. You may have added the words "worldwide," or "global," or "transportation," or something else to your website, but you still have the old company name everywhere else. And then you might change the name again in six months, further confusing people.

Here are a few articles to review that offer guidance on protecting your business name:
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