Entrepreneurial Angst

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Posted on November 10, 2008

SUFFERING SQUEEZES: Independent small businesses -- the bulk of the chauffeured transportation industry -- are facing many obstacles, including fewer credit and capital opportunities and declining payrolls amid the troubled economy. STORY HERE.  If there is one sector of the economy that deserves more attention, protection, investment, and bailout safety nets than the bungling brats of Wall Street , it is the vast layer of small busiensses that undergird our economy and employ most private sector workers (You know, those of us and our companies who pay the bulk of the taxes that funds the public sector, including the sugar-babied government workers in California who get to retire after 30 years @ 90% pay until death) . Let us hope the incoming political claque has enough sense to exempt such businesses from heavy-handed regulation and additional taxation. Small businesses are the real Golden Goose of our economy. -- M.R.

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