Downward Spiral for Gas Prices

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Posted on November 10, 2008
GAS GUESSTIMATE: Gasoline prices have dropped to their lowest level in 21 months, with the national average now at $2.24. With the economy sliding downhill, at least there's one good trend happening out there. It does raise some questions for the chauffeured transportation industry:

-How long will this stay low? Oil industry analysts have differing opinions; some believe it will spike back up once demand increases. But they don't really know.

-Do operators need to reduce their fuel surcharges? If you increased to 10%, do clients expect you to go back to 7%?

-Will operators still be asking for green cars? Are the corporate client requests for green cars still strong as companies struggle with the recession? Will the green movement still be a top priority for the public and customers?

Lots of questions. Let's see what happens.  -- J.L.

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  • Luis

     | about 11 years ago

    Well I locked in my costs for a year at this site Gas is pretty low and so I'm pretty happy.

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