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Posted on November 6, 2008

CHAUFFEURING FOR CHRISTMAS: Companies need to maintain morale and people will want to stay connected with family and friends in their private lives at this difficult time. One of this industry's most creative and successful companies, New York-based Valera Global, has increased its holiday party business three-fold. Its innovative president and CEO, Bob Mackasek, offers some tips to handling transportation for holiday party revelers. The December issue of LCT will feature a Q&A interview with Mackasek about boosting employee morale. (The information below was prepared by Valera Global).

What do you do when a party starts late but your guests want to leave early? Keep 4-5 cars available outside of the venue for the duration of the party in case people want to leave early. This will encourage people to stay later if they know they won’t have to worry about getting home .

How do you prevent abuse from people provided with transportation, such as unnecessary detours? Restrict the driving route to pick-up and drop-off destinations only. Make sure chauffeurs and clients are aware of this policy

 How do you provide transportation while facing cutbacks due to the economy? Suggest that clients share rides. Have a designated dispatcher coordinate rides for people going in the same direction or area and have them share trips for maximum cost savings

What do you do when the original staging area for drop-off and pick-up is blocked? There is no way to know when police or fire departments may create a frozen zone during the holidays. Create a new pick-up area a few blocks away. Valera can have chauffeurs standing on every corner, directing party guests where to meet their chauffeur

How can you create a memorable take-away after an event? Gift bags are a neat idea and chauffeurs can be directed not to give them out until party guests are on their way home as a good night surprise. The bag can contain eye mask, bath oils, candles and flavored teas that can end the evening on a classy note.

Book transportation as far ahead as possible. When planning a large party that requires many sedans, always book as far in advance as possible. Transportation providers are usually at their maximum capacity during the holiday season, so booking ahead avoids last minute scrambling later.

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