SUVs Don't Sacrifice Very Well

LCT Magazine
Posted on November 5, 2008
THEY KEEP GOING AND GOING. . . As fuel prices reached the sratosphere this summer, gleeful detractors of the SUV started writing its obituary. While new SUV sales have declined, the number on the road has not, as this study shows. Despite all the hand-wringing about global warming and going green, Americans, by golly, still like their C&Cs: Comforts and conveniences. As anyone who has owned or leased an SUV will tell you, the vehicles may be bulky but they are so practical and user-friendly. Of course, that's why SUVs have succeeded spectacularly in the chauffeured transportation market; they blend in to traffic while accommodating every possible luxury amenity. And if you can make them go green by sacrificing nothing, so much the better. Don't let the latest hip political chatter about shared sacrifice fool you. SUV users and drivers owe nothing to anyone. Operators need not feel obligated to compromise the feasibility of SUV transportation in the name of sharing wealth. -- M.R. 

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