Rough Roads Ahead

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Posted on November 5, 2008

ACTIONS & CONSEQUENCES: The electorate sent an irrefutable message last night, one that should be heeded and respected. While jubilation prevails, the accompanying relief and optimism did not extend to the post-election spasms of Wall Street. Some realities are solidly established as well: 1) After Jan. 20, we will not have a government divided between two parties -- the situation that prevailed for much of the 1990s and aided the prosperity boom; 2) All levers of government now reside in the hands of one sheriff in town, and whatever happens, there will be no more excuses about lack of power to accomplish goals given the hefty Congressional majorities; 3) Blame will be very easy to assess and assign should anything go wrong.

For chauffeured transportation, the most immediate concerns include the union-backed card-check legislation that  could hamstring and eventually decimate some operators. An escalating recession likely will continue to stymie customer demand. New transportation regulations could add to the cost of doing business. That all may sound pessimistic, but so far, the pessimists have been accurate, however unwelcome their messages. Silver linings do always emerge, and  creative entrepreneurs reflexively think, work, and succeed outside the box regardless of circumstances. And that is the real source of hope and change. -- M.R. 

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