Good Luck, Prez Obama

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Posted on November 5, 2008
WHAT'S NEXT?: That election campaign was dragged out for quite a long time - nearly two years. It looks like the decision has been made and there won't be any lawsuits challenging state balloting, a la the 2000 election. Both McCain and Bush have given complimentary bow out speeches. So what's next for President-elect Obama, and how will this affect the chauffeured transportation industry? CNN Money offers a good overview of the economic issues that affect the new administration. The limousine industry has mixed feelings. In an web poll that happened about two months ago, a little more than half of the respondents backed McCain and the rest Obama. Speakers at industry events have mostly expressed apprehension about the impact of an Obama administration on labor laws and enforcement, business regulations, and taxes. Whatever the Obama administration and the increased number of Democratic House and Senate members go after, they have something much larger to deal with than anything else: the credit crisis and its impact on the global economy. They'll have to dig through this with the help of the other party, the business community, and the public. -- Jon LeSage

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