Limos & Polls

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Posted on October 31, 2008

ELECTION DAY OPPS: At LCT Magazine, we sure have had our fill of limousine poles, especially with our attempts to document the latest trends in party buses (see September issue). And while you can certainly argue that party poles on limo buses provide a valued public service to our highly-mobile, entertainment-oriented, consumerist democracy, the types of polls that will predominate on Nov. 4 can offer operators a patriotic marketing idea. If business is slow and you are looking for a good cause, taking people who need rides to the polls looks like a worthwhile way to build community good will. There are likely senior citizens, single mothers, and people without cars who could use a ride. And you never know, depending on which candidate wins, supporters of the winner may be open to the idea of renting a limousine or party bus to celebrate in the election aftermath. So throw a little red, white, and blue into the limo, and be thankful our nation still values the privilege to vote and the freedom needed to succeed as an independent business. -- M.R.


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