Aging Boomers = Great Chauffeur Source

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 23, 2008
FOR HIRE: The Baby Boomer generation started turning 60 two years ago when the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 7,918 of them were turning that age each day. They're obviously a great revenue source for operators, as these Americans have more expendable cash, more time on their hands, and usually have kids who are growing up and needing transportation. Now that the Year One boomers are 62 and getting closer to retirement, you should also think about this community being an important source for chauffeur hiring. As we've seen lately in the news, retirees (and those soon to be) are stressed out to the max as they watch the value of their 401ks and IRAs dropping way down. They need to make money, even if it's part-time work. Most operators have excellent chauffeurs who are in that age range, sometimes a few years older. As long as they retain their health and driver safety, aging boomers are probably the best source of strong chauffeur candidates to cultivate.  -- Jon LeSage

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