Execs Worry About Stretch Limousine Image

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 15, 2008
STRETCH MARKS: Corporate executives have been shunning stretch limousines for years now, especially after the Enron fiasco happened and federal corporate clean-up legislation was passed earlier this decade. And the negative public image goes back even further, especially into the 1980s. That's when people were worried about being perceived as similar to Gordon Gekko. Gekko was the main character in the hit Oliver Stone movie,"Wall Street," which lambasted financier corruption and ironically came out the same year as the October stock market plunge. These days, corporate execs want chauffeured rides, but they're being picked up in black sedans, SUVs, buses, and executive vans. Stretches are cool for retail customers (especially kids) who want them for special events and nights on the town. My, how things change.

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  • Clement M Mullings

     | about 11 years ago

    I believe there is class and then there is class. Some one some where said shot the guy in the black limo and white was discovered. The White House used them from the early thirties and the Movie industry showed the glamor and safety factor of having a limousine driver on call. Now it is considered safer to ride in a SUV,Hummer or a white sedan or black. The kids don't care and brides don't care but the corporate would believe that a limo brings attention and becomes a safety factor,SUV now tanks tomorrow along our borders and airports.

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