A Sad But Necessary Service

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 14, 2008
DARK DAYS: Seeing a funeral hearse can bring up feelings of dread, especially for a military family. It's a very sad day to go through, but families need a professional transportation company to provide excellent service. While LCT Magazine doesn't cover the funeral industry, it is an important part of the business for many operators. It's also meant a lot to auto manufacturers, especially Lincoln and Cadillac, which have built base models that have been modified and turned into hearses by several coachbuilders. Accubuilt is one of the largest chauffeured vehicle manufacturers and owns DaBryan Coach Builders. It also owns Superior Coaches and Eureka,  two major builders of funeral vehicles. Accubuilt has other brand divisions with specialty vehicles such as Tuscany and Accubuilt Mobility. This is an important trend for manufacturers to reconcile, as the need for diverse chauffeured vehicles expands in the global economy.

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  • Chauffeur

     | about 11 years ago

    This sounds like an advertisement for Accubilt. You forgot they also build S&S. There also other builders that are involved, such as Federal Coach.

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