Luxury Market Opps

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 10, 2008

GLOBAL GADDING: Even during the 1930s, a segment of society remained wealthy and spent accordingly. And although America may be headed more toward the 1970s than the far worse 1930s, luxury limousine operators can take heart that a substantial slice of the global travel luxury market will remain. How else to explain the growth in luxury services connected to international air carriers, including chauffeured services to and from airports, hotels, and other destinations. This article expalins how such airlines are taking over the luxury air travel market and competing through expanding menus of ancillary luxury services. For operators, there could be opportunities in either affiliating with these airlines or at least farming out clients who are passengers. Of course, if these airlines attract luxury travelers to cities worldwide, then their clientele may need to spend money on ground transportation beyond what the airlines offer. Dubai, Singapore, and New Delhi are three strong sources of such travelers, and airlines that cater to them. -- M.R.

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