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Posted on October 9, 2008
A Houston limo company sent a stretch Hummer to Spring TX earlier this week and the driver was pulled over and given a slew of tickets by a Harris County Sheriff.
Your City of Houston Charter Sightseeing decal is meaningless to County or DPS Officers.
If you are operating a van, shuttle bus or stretch Hummer, Escalade, Navigator, Excursion, Expedition or anything else that holds more than 15 counting the driver you must be licensed under under TXDOT
authority. They measure capacity by the number of seat belts, the door plate, or 16 inches per butt.
If you go over 25 passenger or cross a State Line you must also have the company and vehicle registered with USDOT.
1) The Chauffeur must have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) with Passenger Endorsement. If the Chauffeur gets a ticket for driving a CDL vehicle without a CDL, he cannot apply for a CDL 2 years (Or possibly NEVER)
2) The vehicle must have Private Bus or Motor Bus plates.
3) You should have your TXDOT numbers 3 inches tall on magnetic plates to put on the front fenders when you leave Houston and enter redneck territory.
4) Your State safety inspection sticker must be for a commercial vehicle. The slides of the sticker are slanted.
5) You must have triangle reflective hazard markers and everything else required for CDL vehicles.
You can get a free CDL Study Guide from any Drivers License office. The driver's test must be done in a
plus 15 passenger vehicle. Someone who already has a CDL must drive the applicant in for the test.
If you read this and it affects you do not take immediate action, you are really putting yourself and your
company in a serious jeopardy. A DPS  (State Highway Patrol Code Enforcement) Officer or County Sheriff can arrest your driver and impound the vehicle. They can make the clients get out and stand on the side of the road and wait for you to send another Hummer for them. If your rescue Hummer also has car plates and a non-CDL driver, they will arrest that driver and seize that Hummer as well.

A  word to the wise is sufficient.
Joe L. Jordan, President

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