UAR Now the Hub Of Middle East Biz Travel

LCT Magazine
Posted on September 30, 2008
Chauffeured transportation operators and coachbuilders will usually mention United Arab Emirates and its gleaming, expanding city Dubai when talking about what they're focusing on in key international markets. While the Middle East is a tension zone for the U.S. in the post-Iraq war era, it's also a very important region for economic expansion and travel, and UAR plays an important role in this transition. It's not uncommon to see press releases on chauffeured services being started up in the area, such as a program linked to UAR's fairly new, growing airline, Etihad Airways. Dubai is a dynamic urban center today - it's now home of the world's tallest tower and other eye catching sites. It's also the focus of a corruption scandal, but it is an important business center for those tracking international markets.

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