LimoLicious Feedback Opened Up

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Posted on September 23, 2008
We've changed the Feedback button and gone back to how we started. You can post comments and they'll go up immediately. We'll be checking the blog a few times each day, and editing feedback if it goes out there too far and causes damage. The good news: nearly all the feedback we've received on LimoLicious has been good to read, so please keep it up.

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  • Steven Groves

     | about 11 years ago

    Bravo! I applaud the move and beleive that it is very much in the spirit of what social media and bloggin is all about.Will you get ill-concieved remarks? you bet! But if they are not rude or threatening (which you would be allowed to remove) they should stand and you can let the community deal with them.The general guideline that rule our society that we observe off-line DO also transition to the on-line so while there are jerks on-line, we all know there are jerks off-line too.Again - Bravo!

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