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Posted on September 22, 2008

HELP! LCT GOT IMPALED ON A POLE! LCT Magazine has been getting an earful and an e-mailful about our September cover showing two female hands grasping a “pole” on a party bus. We appreciate all the heartfelt feedback and will be running several constructively critical letters to the editor in the November issue.


In a nutshell, we “mis-overestimated” the industry’s sense of humor on party bus poles, thinking that since several coachbuilders reported increased demand for them, we could have a little fun with an industry trend on our annual bus & van issue. We also know from random operator anecdotes that the pole is popular with many female limo party bus goers. 


Nevertheless, we’ve heard enough to realize that we won’t run images of any more party poles in LCT Magazine, although you’ll still see plenty of buses with poles at the industry trade shows. We never intended to offend or prick anyone’s thin skin. Rest assured, LCT never even considered publishing any full-body or bikini-clad shots on its cover. That’s why we stopped at the forearms.


With that said, we prefer for the industry to have a corporate and family image as opposed to a salacious and sophomoric one, and LCT Magazine will support efforts toward that goal. To that end, we also are working on changing the name of this blog, since we’ve been told it’s a bit too delicious for the livery palate.


But we would like to pose a salient question that could help inform our future judgment and perspective. At the last International LCT Show, the industry party of the year was held at a club called Rum Jungle at the Mandalay Bay Resort. I must admit that as a newcomer to this industry and only a second-time visitor to Las Vegas, I was a bit taken aback at the porn-set display of scantily-clad women gyrating in elevated cages, being carried up and down on ropes and pulleys, and sandwiching themselves together on swinging trapezes. I assume the female dancers, like Madonna, are all empowered enough to do this voluntarily and make good money while getting plenty of exercise and preparing for acting roles.


Yet LCT Magazine did not get one phone call or e-mail complaining that this high-profile party was exploitative, demeaning, or tasteless. Were any industry women uncomfortable with this display? Was anyone in the industry concerned that the Rum Jungle party would sully the industry’s image? Was it worse than the September issue cover?


Just curious. Never hurts to ask. Your responses are welcome.


Martin Romjue


LCT Magazine

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