Post Hurricane Ike

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Posted on September 22, 2008
1) We do have a report of a Town Car that was stolen during the storm, presumably for a joy ride, and it has been found wrecked and totaled.
2) Gasoline is becoming more available and limo companies are now taking more reservations.
3) Much of the city is still without electricity and there are no street lights or traffic signals.Dusk to dawn curfews remain in effect for much of the area. Driving is challenging, to say the least.
4) Many limo operators are sadly realizing that not having a standby generator and gas cans with spare gasoline during hurricane season is foolhardy. I am in a warehouse complex with three limo companies.
I am loaning my generator to Tony at Enterprise Limo in the morning for two hours so he can get back on his computers. All operators in coastal areas should also have WiFi capability with Unified Livery Service or Limoanywhere software or something similar so they can operate seamlessly through these kinds of situations.
5) There have been food riots in poor areas of the city when FEMA runs out of free food, ice and bottled water. There are also people who refuse to leave devastated areas and the Army has stopped giving them supplies to encourage them to leave. There is talk of martial law being declared and more troops being brought in. The situation in many areas is very tense.
6) Earlier today I drove through the FEMA line in Kemah and received my allotment of food, ice and bottled water. The lines here are moving very smoothly. The National Guard troops are from Lima Ohio. The Salvation Army arrived and was serving free hot meals from their mobile field kitchens. The trucks were from Maryland and the volunteers were from Virginia and West Virginia. First hot meal I have had in five days.
My home had three feet of salt water inside, but it can be cleaned up. My wife and I are living above the office in Houston with three grandsons and five cats.
Most of you receiving this outside the Houston area will go to sleep tonight after having many things you take for granted like dry floors, no snakes in the living room, hot showers, hot meals and working traffic signals.
You should be thinking about being in a situation similar to ours, maybe an earthquake, tornado, forest fire or severe ice storm. None of you are immune.
Texans are tough people by their nature and we will survive this event as we have others in the past and others that will come in the future. What will get us through this is neighbor helping neighbor. People are taking food to the elderly or poor who cannot get to the distribution points or shelters. Limo companies have volunteered to help cover runs for other companies who cannot operate at capacity. Virtually everyone here is seeking to help others however they can.
Finally, if you see someone from the Salvation Army at a shopping mall near you at Christmas, ringing a bell and soliciting money; give them some. When we were down, they lifted us up, handed us a plate of hot food and said God bless you. You tend to remember things like that.
Before you go to bed tonight, count your blessings, hug everyone in your household and tell them you love them and especially be grateful if you have working lights to turn off.
from Houston,
Joe L. Jordan, President

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