LCT East Shows Industry Staying Power

LCT Magazine
Posted on September 15, 2008

FOURTH-ANNUAL EVENT HELD ITS OWN: Despite economic setbacks and operator fears, the LCT Eastern Conference scored a coup of sorts: More than 600 attendees. Given the challenging circumstances, that figure points to a lot of hope and optimism. While plenty of operators nationwide are taking some business hits, many of the operators at LCT East reported either flat or rising revenues. The trade show floor maintained steady traffic throughout the event, and the seminars this year served up specific, targeted information for improving operations and finding new ways to pursue markets and make more money. (NOTE: Obviously, these observations were made, and conversations held, before Monday's horrific global market meltdown).

Key industry trends crystallized at the show: 1) Unprecendented regulatory and political challenges on the horizon; 2) fast-moving acceptance and demand for greener vehicles; 3) a recognition of the central role that online marketing, media, and communications will play in future chauffeured industry marketing and transactions.

Based on attendee behavior, we concluded the networking and social functions were a success. LCT-sponsored events repeatedly prove to be the most relaxed, informative, and creative networking "portals" for savvy 21st Century chauffeured transportation operators. See you at International LCT Show 2009 in Las Vegas. -- M.R.

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