From LCT East to Green Fleet

LCT Magazine
Posted on September 14, 2008

I'm in my hotel room right now in Chicago, getting ready for Green Fleet tomorrow and Tuesday. I'ven been watching news coverage of the Texas hurricane, hoping for the best and wondering how operators I know are doing right now. Probably in another city waiting to drive back to Houston and sift through the damage. Galveston was drenched in flooding and other areas hit including Lake Charles, Louisiana. Here in Chicago, we've been drenched in rain, connected to the hurricane. Streets have been flooded out; I went to interview Sal Milazzo, one of the Windy City Limousine owners, this morning at their sharp looking new HQ. Some of the streets have been completely flooded out, so we had to take an alternate route to the office.

LCT East went well. A few less people than last year - about 600 this time. But the ones who made it are doing well and were glad to be there. Operators love to hang out with each other and talk shop, no matter how busy and crazy their work days can be. And it was great to be at the Mohegan Sun again. We'll cover LCT East more this week, and Green Fleet, here in LimoLicious, and in the November issue of the magazine. --Jon LeSage

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