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Posted on September 9, 2008

AIRPORT SOLUTIONS: In this small city northeast of Vancouver, B.C., operators are now allowed to pick-up arriving passengers curbside, without a prior reservation. The enlightened town council has authorized walk-out limo service, enabling passengers to hire a limo on the spot. This obvioulsy will bring more business to the region's limousine operators, since passengers can see, compare, and choose among ALL ground transportation options. It's refreshing to see government actually make life easier for operators, instead of continously trying to tax, regulate, nag, marginalize, or deter them, as is the case at so many airports nationwide.

The council simply came down on the side of common-sense business fairness -- if arriving passengers can choose between a taxi, shuttle service, or municipal bus, why not put limousines and livery sedans into the mix? Just as a shuttle service reservation can be made after claiming baggage, the same opportunity should apply to imousines and black sedans. Those preferring advanced limousine reservations can still make them and be greeted by a chauffeur, not having to worry about first-come, first-serve. But once presented with the availability of superior limousine service, many passengers likely will become loyal customers. There's nothing like seeing a comfortable, elegant Town Car, or stretch version, parked alongside a yellow cab, a bouncy blue shuttle bus, or a packed city bus. -- M.R.

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