Cheers To The Limousine Lush

LCT Magazine
Posted on August 19, 2008

At LCT Magazine, one of our heroes is the limousine lush; the drunk client who gets dropped off in a limousine or livery vehicle.

Why do we like limousine lushes? Aside from the fact that they can be easy tippers while tipsy, the limousine lush is not driving any vehicles, and thereby avoids driving under the influence.

A Phoenix operator has listed Arizona's strict DUI rules and penalties as a sobering reminder of why going out in a limousine is the safest way to visit multiple places while consuming alcoholic beverages.

This is actually a brilliant marketing tool to sell your services: SCARE the partiers into a limo.

We would love to juxtapose a photo of a tuxedoed client rolling out of a limousine with a bottle of Courvoisier with a photo of the same client looked glassy-eyed and haggard in an orange jumpsuit. Which would the client prefer? What scene would other motorists on the road prefer?

This is a no brainer. Every chauffeured transportation operator should find a way to promote themselves as the anti-DUI alternative: Save gas, save carbon, spare hassle, and save lives and livelihoods.

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