DNC Sedan/SUV Shortage Worsens

LCT Magazine
Posted on August 18, 2008
SO JUST STRETCH IT! Attendees to the upcoming DNC in Denver are scrambling to line up airport and about-town transportation. Even taxis, shuttles, and public buses may be overwhelmed. Story here.

But you can still get a stretch limousine with some operators. It appears as if the cost and the visibility of stretches may be a bit intimidating to delegates, dignitaries, lobbyists, media scrum, and hangers-on headed to the "greenest" convention in history.

Well, LCT Magazine has a solution for those inclined to act illiberal toward the limousines: Fear not the luxury chariots for hire. When you put three or more people into a stretch limousine, you are doing the greenest thing imaginable. You take single-riders out of cabs and rentals. A Town Car stretch is not an SUV, not a bus, not a dingy cab -- it's comfortable, classy transportation that uses the same or less gas. For groups of DNCers still looking for ground transportation, being a group of limousine liberals in this situation equals being good green citizens. So, stretch out and pull up in a stretch, and wave at the plebeians stuffed in the shuttles.

BTW, the Rocky Mountain News misspelled the name of GENE COOK-EN-BOO, the owner of Presidential Worldwide Transportation of Denver and president of the Limousine Association of Colorado. -- M.R.

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