Stranded @ The DNC? Go Green!

LCT Magazine
Posted on August 14, 2008
LOOKING FOR LIMOS: The impending limousine deficit at the Democratic National Convention serves as grist for a lot of ridicule and blogger Schadenfreude. . . .

But let's make LCT's position clear: We want EVERYONE who needs a limo or sedan to get one. That's good for industry business. So if any Colorado operators are holding back, get your livery-lovin' hind quarters to Denver and offer the donkey party members a ride for a maximum rate plus a hefty fuel surcharge (to make up for all those gas taxes).

With that said, we can't help but ask, since the Democrats have done so much attention-whoring on being green, why are they complaining? Why even be concerned? Just ride a bike, hop on a Vespa, or hoof it. The more delegates use such transportation options, the greener the convention gets.

Just imagine what a bold statement Obama could make by being chauffeured in a pedi-cab to the open-air stadium where he will deliver his acceptance speech. He would be taking advantage of the greenest transportation option available, anywhere. Of course, the pedaling chauffeur would need to belong to a union with liberal overtime and workers compensation benefits. And the DNC would have to make sure the union rules limit the number of cycling rotations per minute since breaking a sweat might damage the union pedaler's self-esteem.

We could go on. . . but in the interest of political parity we predict the same obstacles for the Republicans in Minneapolis. So we'll suggest a slightly less green alternative transportation option to the more lime-green GOP: Ride a donkey. -- M.R.

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