Limo King Elvis

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Posted on August 8, 2008

LORD LIMO: Kings and presidents were the first public figures to be seen in limousines, along with kings of industry and capitalism. It wasn't until the 1980s that the general public started hiring limo rides on a regular basis. In between the royalty and the modern clientele, movie stars and rock legends helped build the image and sexiness of stepping out of a limo. Elvis Presley was an important figure in taking pop music to a different level and pretty much lived in a limo. You can listen to one of his hit songs, "Long Black Limousine," to hear what he thought about them.

Today, teenagers and young adults love limo rides for proms, weddings, party nights, and whatever else. Their parents and grandparents also had their own limo enthusiasm, and paid special attention to awards shows, celebrity magazines, movie premiers, and rock star sightings. Elvis had a lot to with it, even as he gained much weight and looked quite strange in his final days. He still stepped out of a limo, and his fans flipped out. Years later, Elvis impersonators do the same thing - don't be surprised if you see Elvis riding through your town in a long black limousine.

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