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Posted on July 31, 2008
WHERE GUCCI GOES, THE LIMOS FOLLOW: A front-page article in Saturday's Wall Street Journal explains how "Luxury Goods Weathering Economic Woes in U.S." Why is this significant for limousine operators nationwide?

The luxury retail industry serves as a reliable indicator of luxury services, including limousine and chauffeured transportation. According to the WSJ article:

"Even as many Americans are pulling in their purse strings, spending on key categories of high-end luxury goods is proving surprisingly resilient, underscoring the industry's progress at broadening its reach beyond the upper crust and into the growing ranks of the affluent.

Luxury-goods makers reported in recent days that U.S. sales of expensive jewelry, Swiss watches, and French scarves are holding firm, helped by the fact that many brands now offer more entry-level items that in the past, and by foreign tourists who have money to burn because of the weak dollar. In addition, a growing number of affluent Americans are still splurging on what they perceive as investment-grade luxury goods."

Well, if those affluents have money to spend on luxury goods, they have money to spend on luxury transportation. At least among the clients for premium transportation, the economic sky is not falling. What's more, emerging economies in poorer nations are fueling much of the luxury boom.

We can think of plenty of creative approaches to connecting luxury goods buyers with luxury rides. . .

"Want a 120" stretch to accessorize that Rolex?"

"How about a party night in a Hummer where you can swing your Gucci grab-bag?"

"The Town Car looks better on you than the botox."

"I can't believe you drove yourself through Beverly Hills. How nouveau."

"Patek Phillipe uses a limo."

"Too much Sonoma Chardonnay for you. I'm calling a limo."

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