Even Californians Want To Drill More

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 31, 2008
NEW POLL: When 51 percent of people living in California -- one of the most ecologically correct, environmentally zealous, and politically liberal states in the union -- say they want to drill for more oil offshore, something significant is happening: Reality. San Francisco Chronicle poll here.  As much as chauffeured transportation and other sectors of the industry want to go green, oil and gas will always be part of the mix. Fleets may increasingly become more green, but a certain percentage of our transportation spectrum will operate on fossil fuels for years to come. So let's not junk those stretched, premium-sipping, limousines just yet -- we'll need them as much as we'll need hydrogen, hybrid, fuel cell, propane, CNG, and electric vehicles in the future. Power to the people. -- M.R.

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