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Posted on July 17, 2008
ETHANOL EXTREMISTS: One of the few things that truly infuriates us here at LCT is what we call the Grand Ethanol Scam of the 21st Century. So we hold our noses and link to this press release to show the abundant misinformation that still exists on ethanol. We've already debunked many of these points in previous posts (just click on the Going Green category). But it cannot be said enough how the American taxpayers, the agricultural industry, and automakers have been duped into spending money and wasting energy on a dead-end alternative.

Ethanol DOES NOT reduce carbon emissions when its production is factored into the equation. Saved mileage is miniscule. Ethanol subsidies distort the agricultural free markets. Corn-growing for ethanol robs and depletes vital croplands. And lest we forget, ethanol takes food out of people's mouths, causing them to pay higher prices, and in Third World countries, also go hungry. This industry needs to be snuffed in its cradle. Its lobbyists and advocates -- shameless tapeworms -- have leeched onto consumers and taxpayers, and bilked us to the hilt. Neither political party, nor the President, has the guts to confront these 21st Century bootleggers and eco-quacks. Thankfully, a growing number of leaders in the limousine and chauffeured transportation do.

This energy extremism must stop. Don't buy ethanol or flex-fuel vehicles. They deserve to be relegated to demolition derbys and then junked forever. -- M.R.

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