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Posted on July 15, 2008

: Sex In The City starlet Sarah Jessica Parker demonstrates the correct Hollywood eco-pose of late: Getting into a chauffeured Toyota Prius.

Why bother? Why not just drive it yourself? If a celebrity wants pampered luxury for shopping sprees, then just take a chauffeured hybrid SUV or a good old-fashioned limousine.

The Prius certainly can't be all that comfortable, what with all those shopping bags. But then being driven around in a Prius might assuage the guilt of an actress being, well, chauffeured for an utterly superfluous shopping spree.

We suggest Sarah follow the lead of one actor who actually does get it: Larry Hagman, aka Texas oilman J.R. Ewing of Dallas fame.

He actually OWNS five Priuses, sometimes drives an electric car, and has his Ojai, Ca. estate powered by a solar farm. Hagman lives the green lifestyle; he's no eco-poseur, that J.R.

We're not opposed to celebrities in Priuses; they just need to make sure they talk and walk the green scene. -- M.R.

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