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Posted on July 15, 2008

Beijing polluters ready to cut emissions for Olympics

    BEIJING -- Beijing's polluting businesses are ready to suspend operation or cut emissions for the upcoming Olympic Games, municipal environmental protection officials said here on Tuesday.

    Enterprises in smelting, building materials and petrochemical sectors had worked out a detailed production suspension or emission cut plan, said Zheng Jiang, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director.

    "The comprehensive treatment measures prior to the Games have all been completed," Zheng said. "The emission cut measures to be taken during the event are ready to start."

    More than 150 heavily polluting enterprises have prepared themselves to stop production during the event, according to Zheng. Some petrochemical plants in the capital have already suspended operation in advance.

    Four major coal-fueled power companies in the capital will also cut their pollutants by 30 percent during the Olympics.

    Basic work at all construction sites in Beijing would all be stopped by July 20.

    By the end of June, the city's 1,462 gas stations, 52 oil storehouses and 1,387 oil tank trucks had completed an emission reclamation project, according to Zhong Liangxi, the municipal bureau's chief in charge of polluting source administration.

    Some 300,000 heavily polluting vehicles in the city have been off the roads since July 1.

    Air quality is a major concern for participants in the Aug. 8 to 24 Games. The municipal authorities have also made it a priority to reduce pollution over the past decade, investing about120 billion yuan (17 billion U.S. dollars) in the effort.

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