Gas Price Shocker: $9.80 per gallon. . .

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 10, 2008

American don't want to hear it, but we still have it easy compared to the rest of the world in terms of gas prices and supplies.

A Los Angeles Times article today compared per gallon gas prices worldwide. Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are much cheaper, but who wants to live in those hellholes?

What we're curious about is how Norwegian chauffeured transportation companies make a profit and survive.

Here is a possible clue as to how Nordic livery companies choose their vehicles. Maybe there are some lessons for U.S. operators.

We may experience lots of pocketbook pain at the pump, but at least we can still pull up to just about any pump and fill up right away. We're still better off than motorists in the late 1970s (see picture above): High gas prices AND long lines at service stations. -- M.R.

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