Oh, Stop The Drama. . .

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 9, 2008


How amusing to see that the two leading actors unions -- SAG and AFTRA -- have pulled a Hillary-Obama split. Actors are staging scenes from a real life skit: throwing a hissy fit.

But this could be potentially good news for beleaguered limousine and chauffeured transportation operators in Southern California, many of whom are still recovering from the writers' strike.

Another economic hit courtesy of Hollywood actors would be devastating to the area's chauffeured transportation market.

We hope SAG keeps sagging and has no choice but to follow AFTRA's lead. Not that we particularly care about the compensation nuances for actors, or the differences between the unions, but their continued employment obviously keeps the limousines and chauffeured sedans and SUVs on the road.

California operators are models of service and stability, compared to the self-involved theatrics of the region's high-strung thespians.

This industry needs dollars, not more drama. So we hope we see more actors on the J-seat instead of strutting on the picket line. -- M.R.

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