You Need a Bang-Up Blog

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 7, 2008
ONLINE SAVVY: As the economy tightens and customers cut back, operators must diversify and accelerate their marketing efforts, as we see in LL's ongoing series started last week. One free, easy, and useful avenue is to write and maintain a blog, sort of like this one. This company gets it; it knows its subject and how to connect with current and potential customers. By offering information that can help prospective clients make a decision, you brand yourself as consumer-friendly. You never know when someone who has read your business blog later uses your services. Blogs are an effective way to offer updates on your company, advise customers, and assert your services and value. If you don't know how to write well, or lack the time, then contract with someone who does. Blogs tend to be informal venues that add a vital component to your outreach: viral buzz. Get your blog as connected and consistent as possible. Tell some interesting tales from the road. Ask readers what they're looking for. Develop a thick skin. In the 21st Century media world, if you don't go blogging, you'll be in for some hard slogging. -- M.R.

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