4th of July Weekend Financial Woes

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Posted on July 2, 2008

By Jim A. Luff

As we approach the 4th of July just two days away, I realize that the weekend isn't going to get any better, and not meaning to sound unpatriotic, the long 4th of July weekend is certainly not helping our industry.


Since the majority of my weekday work is corporate work, there certainly is not a lot of business going on during the day on Friday.  Every company we serve is taking the day off, as they should, to celebrate our great country.  I just wish we could have a paid holiday like their employees.  You know, send us a check for the value of service we normally provide on a typical Friday.


Then comes the whole night scene.  The night is spent with family and friends in front yards and back yards across America.  There will be no bachelorette parties on this Friday night.  There won’t be any bar-hopping as this is not a night that people go bar-hopping but instead stay home blowing up things in the street for the amusement of kids, both young and old.


Airport travelers?  Yeah, they are staying home for the weekend with family too.  There isn’t any money to be made there either on Friday, and Saturday isn’t looking much better as people will make a whole weekend out of the 4th of July.


I guess the best I could hope for and I say this with all sarcasm… perhaps someone will get mortally wounded by stray fireworks and I can pickup some organ harvesting teams to make a buck over the weekend.  Again, I would never wish this upon anyone but it would be our only opportunity to gain some business.


Well, on the bright side, we all need a rest now and then and I am happy that my employees will all get the weekend off as well.  They don’t get very many three day weekends so this is a bonus.  I am headed off to make a contribution to my favorite church operated fireworks stand.  I consider it my annual tithing.  What a great country that we can actually write off the cost of fireworks as a donation to the church!


Have a fabulous weekend and of course be safe and sane. 


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