Jaguar Ready For J-Seats?

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Posted on June 17, 2008

The Jaguar XJ Diesel once again ranks as the greenest luxury vehicle in the United Kingdom. For a review of the Jaguar XJ Diesel, click here.

Aside from a few stretch limousines, Jaguar has yet to make many inroads into the U.S. livery and limousine industry.

The latest reports from the U.K. show a gallon of diesel costs about $9 a gallon. What takes the edge off that price, however, is the fact that diesel gets better mileage than gasoline.

As Americans fume about $4-$5 a gallon, the greening effect of pure black diesel looks increasingly like a viable alternative. Compared to the diesel vehicle wave of the late 1970s, current diesel engine models run quieter, burn cleaner, and accelerate without hesitation.

And while $5 a gallon gas seems unthinkable, Europeans survive -- and profit -- with much more expensive gas and diesel. -- M.R.

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