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Posted on June 10, 2008

Limousines Green and Hybrid

By Cabot Smith, President
Royale Limousine Manufacturers

The whole industry is crazy with “going green.” Operators and their business clients are searching for the greenest mode of transportation to be economical and environmentally friendly. If they are operating Lincoln and Cadillac limousines they now operate vehicles greener than the current benchmark Toyota Prius.

How can that be when the Prius delivers 45 highway mpg and the Lincoln 120” Limousine is only 20 mpg? This industry is about moving people in the rear of the vehicle with professional chauffeurs. So when you consider the rear passenger capacity of a Toyota Prius is two verses a Lincoln 100” or 120” at nine, that translates into 90 pmpg (passenger miles per gallon) for the Prius and 180 pmpg for the Lincoln Limousine. Therefore the Lincoln 120” delivers twice the passenger fuel economy than the Prius.

Even if you tone that down to real world actual normal operating capacity the Prius with one rear passenger is 45 pmpg and the Limousine with four rear passengers is 80 pmpg. The limousine is still “greener.”

Not only is the limousine an economical and green mode of transportation but it was the original hybrid. According to the American Heritage Dictionary a Hybrid is defined “something of mixed composition.” A limousine begins its life as a somewhat enhanced sedan and is completely cut and remanufactured into a limousine.

It’s all about perception and marketing, Limousines are already the economical, green alternative for your individual clients and corporate accounts and its up to you to promote your company that way.

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