Loony Limos: Ya'll Go Yeeeehaaaa!

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 10, 2008

Today we explore the world of 4-Wheelin' livery and limousines, a market niche that appeals to a distinct, but not discreet, clientele.

These monster truck stretches bring limo comforts to the offroad hinterlands. This company already offers one in its fleet. We at LCT foresee some new opportunities.

For example, outdoors types can get to any remote campsite in chauffeured convenience.

Tired after hiking all day? Have the truck limo pick you up at the end of the mountain trail.

These mega 4-wheelers also could be preferred transportation for bachelor parties: Just take it out for some group mudding before hitting the strip bar. Or the sports bar.

The monster limos would get instant credibility on any sports bar pub crawl. No patron would ever think it's too dainty or snobby. As to the wedding market? Somehow this one doesn't match most bridal dreams. -- M.R.

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