Interesting Tidbits from Leadership Summit

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 5, 2008
  • One Washington, D.C. operator has grown revenue 35% this year, during a time of economic downturn. The business comes from private airport traveling clients who give referrals to associates, and these become new clients. The operator doesn't even advertise, just gets great referrals in a growing market segment.
  • Affiliate work has skyrocketed for many operators, especially those attending LCT Leadership Summit. And not just from the very largest affiliate brands; some operators are doing affiliate work with five or more networks.
  • Valera Global's David Eckstein showed off a photo of a clear bumper strip used on Town Cars that are preventing typical bumper scrapes and replacement. He had several examples of how this is working for the company. (More info on this will be presented in LCT Magazine.)
  • Some operators are starting to get tires filled with nitrogen, which is working very well. These are performing well and don't need to be refilled very often; at a time when tire prices are increasing, this is very good news.
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