LCT Miami Pulsations

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Posted on June 5, 2008
Comments relate to photos in order of appearance:

1) THE POWER COUCH: While the dudes were bowling, these ladies were plotting industry strategy. . .

2) THE TAO OF SCOTT: Solombrino had himself and everyone in a trance

3) BOWL-O-MIGHT! Kevin Ellingworth of Classique Limousines in Orange, Ca. and Steve Levin owner of Sterling Rose Limousines of Temecula, Ca. bowled in style.

4) GOODNESS GRACIOUS, Great Balls of Fire!

5) SOUTH SEAS SPECTACLE: Craig McCutcheon and Diane Forgy lead the wavy flock.

6) PANEL WARM-UP: With these distinguished experts, Scott Solombrino had to borrow techniques from Gunther Gebel-Williams.


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