LCT Summit: A Rookie View

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Posted on June 4, 2008
MIAMI BEACH -- I could tell we would have a classy, engaging long weekend when Aventura Limousine of Miami picked us up at Miami International Airport in a Range Rover -- a rather unusual livery vehicle but certainly more comfortable for tall people than airplane coach sections. I don't think you could have planned a more worthwhile and relaxed corporate leadership event than the LCT Leadership Summit at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. The delicate balance of social, recreational, and educational events brought out the best in everyone, and ensured that good moods prevailed.

While the event is not a huge moneymaker for LCT Magazine, the intangible investments are incalculable: new and renewed industry connections, improved motivation and morale, and the simple enjoyment of seeing excited entrepreneurs share business ideas and tips. The uninhibited sense of fun -- volleyball, clubbing, drinking , bowling --  gives the summit a human edge that so many conferences lack.

I was impressed with the caliber and enthusiasm among the attendees -- most self-made business owners who have made many sacrifices for the privilege of competing in a dynamic and changing industry. Whatever obstacles and challenges the industry faces in coming years, it has some of the best minds and entrepreneurial spirits that together can handle whatever comes along.

In the next few days, we'll post more content on some of the issues and topics discussed at the event. Of course, we'll have more photos.

To cap the spectacular summit, Aventura took us back to MIA in a Mercedes S-550. We only wish, given the flight delays, cramped seating, and airborne dehydration -- the chauffeur could have just driven us back to Los Angeles.

See you all next year.

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