Loony Limo: Giddyap For Green

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 9, 2008

RETRO GREEN: This loony limo speaks for itself. If it were a work of art, we’d have to categorize it as "improvised minimalism."

A sliced Trabant with a horse likely emits fewer carbons than hybrids, biofueled vehicles, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, and fuel cell vehicles combined. (Well, that depends on the digestive regularity of the horse).

The Trabant, of course, was the socialist stalwart of East European motoring before the Berlin Wall got torn down. For a real livery version of the Trabant, click here. (Hey, it's really green!)

Constructive suggestion: Let us insist on a fleet of these rickety-clap-clop-clop contraptions for the next Academy Awards ceremony. Such a faux-stagecoach can recall the elegant livery of yesteryear while helping Hollywood herald a greener future. -- M.R.

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