Liberal With the Limousines?

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 9, 2008

WHERE LIMO TAXES GO: We at LCT certainly have heard of the old cliché about “limousine liberals,” but that’s such an outdated 1970s term. Three decades later, the American middle and aspiring wealthy classes have grown prosperous enough to routinely afford chauffeured transportation, whether it is for weddings, proms, bachelor parties, airport runs, children’s birthday parties, or special nights out on the town. Passengers of all political persuasions now ride around in limousines and chauffeured sedans in blue and red states. It’s no longer just a pampered celebrity thing.

But what do we make of the Canadian Conservative Party politician who liberally uses taxpayer funds for limousine service? Would she be a “limousine conservationist” since she helps conserve the limousine industry with her liberal spending? Or a conservative liberal user of limousines?

This has us a bit flummoxed, so we’ll just settle for the term “limousine leech.” Although her spending boosts limousine industry revenues, she leeches off taxpayer money so she can leech onto her limousines. And while we applaud liberal limousine patronage overall, by liberals and conservatives, we prefer that it comes from private sector funds and personal pockets -- not public purses. -- M.R.

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  • zak

     | about 11 years ago

    Obviously who ever wrote this is clueless to the Limousine Liberal terminology origins as well as its application. The phrase "Limousine Liberal" is utilized to describe privileged members of society who vocalize deep personal empathy for the poor folks living on the lower rungs of society despite having no experience with deprivation.It is also applied to the phony tree huggers who despite their green goals have no problem driving in gas guzzling luxury automobiles & SUV's or being chauffeured around in vehicles that well exceed the basic requirements for transportation. Limousine Liberal is still used quite frequently by journalist & articles are often picked up on RSS feeds under limousine and therefore, hardly an "out-dated" catch phrase.

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