Recession-Proof Clients

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Posted on May 7, 2008

Recession-Proof Clients

By Jim A. Luff

There is so much talk going on in the industry about the recession we are in.  Every time I hear someone in the industry talking about how bad things are I just scratch my head and wonder why it is that my sales are up over 30% and others are down by the same amount. 


Well, after great thought, I got it figured out.  My client mix makes me recession proof.  A good mix of corporate clients can make all the difference in the world.  If the majority of our business was based on airport service, I would start turning the lights out now.  Last week, Mexicana Airlines departed from our airport for the last time.  Business travelers are reducing travel and using e-mail and teleconferencing as a result of social pressures to go green and budget concerns in a weak economy.  The airport business is sure to continue a steady decline as the price of jet fuel continues to rise and the tickets prices continue to rise as a result.  Just last week a friend told me about driving to Oklahoma from California as it was more feasible financially to do so.


So here I am, sold out on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the middle of the day.  How?  Because my two main clients of daytime, weekday work is Workers Comp insurance companies and five funeral homes who conduct funerals Monday through Saturday.  These two industries will never be affected by the economy.  People will always get hurt on the job and people will always die.  Fortunately, we have been doing business with these industries for about ten years because it seems that my competitors are now trying to find other business to replace their shrinking sales and have been calling upon my accounts.


Now it the time to start looking at other avenues of income to replace lost business from corporate downsizing, reduced travel budgets and high priced airline tickets.

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