Tricked Out Treats on Tires

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Posted on May 1, 2008

A recent limousine trade show in the United Kingdom sponsored by the British trade magazine, The Chauffeur, did not match the all-inclusive International LCT Show 2008 in size and attention, but it did put itself on the map with flair.  

A popular attraction at the show was the gallery of large limo party mobiles, all tricked out with other-worldly interiors full of colors and lights. These limousines make livery fun, and provide an escapist form of on-the-road entertainment. We hope this segment of the LCT industry remains viable and prospers. Such vehicles add diversity and a dash of daring to an industry that should never allow itself to become drab. Click on this link and scroll down to click on: View our pictures of luxurious limousine interiors to see the full gallery.

We at LCT believe the tricked out mega-limos are perfect for all types of events and rentals beyond the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties, and could provide opportunities for new clients: 1) children’s birthday parties; 2) bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs; 3) high school football and basketball games; 4) youth “road-trip” slumber parties (pick-up everyone in pajamas and ride around for the evening); 5) graduation service; 6) rock concert trips; 7) a "reward ride" for good school report cards.

Keeping kids occupied and away from a steering wheel is an all-around winner for everyone. Elaborate limousines not only make that possible, but also keep it real, cool, rad, hip, etc.

-- posted by Martin Romjue

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