New Opp For Ops: Would-Be DUIs?

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Posted on April 25, 2008

SAFE, SAUCED, AND COMFORTABLE: I spoke with an operator in San Antonio, Texas this week who said he is pursuing business among some of the least desirable clients: drunks. Jeff Williams, owner of A VIP Limousine Service Inc., says he offers pre-paid accounts or hours for clients who may be in a situation where they've drunk too much to drive home. Such a client can call VIP and get a chauffeured ride home. I would assume the vehicle would depend on whatever is available, so the sauced client could end up in a sedan, SUV, or limousine.

This is actually a sensible idea. For the psychology of a typical drunk motorist follows this sequence: I've had too much to drink, I shouldn't drive home, but I really don't want to leave my car, I don't have money for a cab, I don't want to ask for a ride, etc. But the allure of a comfortable, luxurious ride home in a limousine or sedan may remove some of the dread of the next morning's hassle of retrieving a vehicle left overnight. (Maybe a client could have the limo return the next morning to take him to his abandoned car).

What's more, this may be a great idea to market to parents of teen-agers. The latest information from AAA shows teen driving costs hit $34 BILLION nationwide.Parents could make pre-paid arrangements with a chauffeured transportation company for their teen-agers to get a ride in the event they can't drive home or don't have a safe ride. The teen-ager could carry a gift-card type pass with the name and number of the chauffeured company in case he or she needs it. That way, a teen-ager might be more inclined to play it safe knowing a limo can get them home.

-- posted by Martin Romjue

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