Stretch For A Queen?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 24, 2008
ROYAL FLEET: Queen Elizabeth II obviously benefits from the finest in everything, including limousines. You can learn more about her official 2002 Bentley State Limousine stretch and see a photo gallery. We mean no disrespect to the Queen, who by all accounts is a sweet, gracious, pampered lady born and cultivated into circumstances well beyond her control. But the Bentley, despite its impeccable engineering and graceful body, seems a bit stuffy, even for the immaculately coiffured matriarch upon the throne.

So we would like to envision the queen in something a bit more sporty and flamboyant, but with a British heritage. While the Queen has never had to deal with the daily stresses of common folk, and likely has everything planned and scheduled for her, we would imagine that having to be attentive and endearing each day to everyone for an entire lifetime can be its own private hell. Therefore, we at LCT recommend a discreet royal limousine fleet that provides Her Majesty with escapism, adventure, and some funky hip-hop action on wheels.

By the way, if Her Majesty ever gets crabby about the state of her royal livery, would that qualify her as a bitchy queen?

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