A Lesson In Euro Livery

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 23, 2008
GLOBAL OPERATORS: LCT Magazine is thrilled with the fact that 10 percent of all participants at our ILCT Show in Las Vegas last month hailed from other nations. Such diversity is crucial to growing this industry and capitalizing on new insights and trends. This International Herald Tribune blog post about a Belgian operator shows some of the sophisticated traits of a European chauffeured vehicle company: green vehicles, multi-lingual chauffeurs, and a thorough knowledge of tourism and travel.  We must not forget that European operators succeed in a business, economic, and regulatory climate much tougher than the one in the U.S. For example, operators in the U.K. typically pay more than $8 for a gallon of diesel fuel. LCT hopes more U.S. and foreign operators interact and form alliances, not just in operations, but in knowledge as well.

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